Stage 1

How it all starts

Once you have made contact with the office, the process starts 2 different ways:

  1.  You send us your new house plans (Site & Drainage) and we send that to our expert Quoting Team to accurately determine the square metres required and they draw that quote up and send it off within 5 business days.
  2.  You book an on-site quote appointment time with one of our Sales Representatives and they’ll come out and talk through the job with you, measure it up and within 48 hours you’ll receive your quote!

Once you have received your quote and have decided to accept it, then we head onto the next step which is setting up your job in our system, paying the deposit and selecting your colour choices!

Stage 2

The groundwork

Ensuring the site is prepared correctly is essential to receiving the best outcome when it comes to concrete. We remove existing concrete or pavers if required, dig the soil down, level out the appropriate areas and place down a rubble-base to ensure the concrete has a smooth foundation to lay on. This is also when any drainage is supplied and installed also if required.

The Process - Stage 2

Stage 3

Concrete preparation

We then send out the Box Up Team to prepare the site ready for the concrete pour. This includes accurately placing boards down to get that straight edge happening, using high-quality mesh and chairs to support and reinforce the concrete and Abelflex for protection.

The Process - Stage 3

Stage 4

The concrete

Now the important part! Our highly-skilled Concrete Team come in next along with the concrete truck from one of our trusted suppliers. They will meticulously spread and even out the concrete to give you that nice and level job that customers strive for.

The Process - Stage 4 (1)
The Process - Stage 4 (2)

Stage 5

Final touches

Now to bring all the hard work to life. The Concrete Team will then put in the control joints whether that is using a trowel while the concrete is wet and/or saw cut the joints once the concrete has cured and will also use equipment to put a decorative finish on the concrete like a swirl or trowel scrape. If you went with exposed aggregate for your job, there are a couple extra steps required. Once the exposed aggregate has cured the Team will come back and acid wash the top layer and put a sealant on to give you that desired look.

The Process - Stage 5



We are specialists in exposed concrete. We have 20 years’ experience in the industry working on both new and existing homes and enjoy the challenge of creating outdoor spaces where clients can truly relax and enjoy.


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